Post-Decree Modifications

We know that the different types of post-decree modifications can have positive effects on their lives. The goal of a modification is to update a divorce decree so that it accurately reflects the lives of those it represents.

If a divorce was finalized five years ago, for example, many aspects of life may have changed.

Through a modification, individuals can address these changes and update their decrees to work for their current lives.

At Shapiro Family Law, we assist clients in post-decree modifications when they feel the terms of their current divorce agreement no longer reflect their lifestyles, or when they feel the agreement is unfair based on current circumstances.

Relocating With A Child

Divorce agreements may include travel restrictions for the custodial parent. There is also statutory and case law which addresses moving, i.e. relocating from Colorado with your children. Before modifying the agreement, the court must consider many factors to determine whether or not the intended move is best for the children or child.

All of these issues can be very complicated and our Denver office, specializing in family law and post-decree modifications, will help you easily and successfully navigate the laws to make the best decisions for you and your children.

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Whether this includes changes in spousal or child support, parental responsibilities and parenting time modification (formerly known as child custody) or visitation, or a contempt of court issue, we provide some of the best services for post-decree modifications in the Denver area. Call us today at 303-695-0200 or email our office.

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