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If you want to establish paternity for your child, make sure that you have proper legal guidance as you go through this process. Shapiro Family Law can provide legal assistance to you and help in determining child support and other parental responsibilities after you establish paternity for your child.

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Establishing Paternity in Colorado

Paternity usually comes into question in situations where parents were not legally married when the child was either conceived or born. This means that a child does not have a legal father or a legal right to inherit from a father. Colorado has provided a way for parents to establish paternity, even if the father lives in another state. Under Colorado law, parents can establish paternity voluntarily or through a paternity suit.

Voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity

When a mother and father do not question the paternity of their child, the parents can sign an “Acknowledgment of Paternity” form. We can assist you in obtaining the form and submitting it. Parents can then add the father’s name to their child’s birth certificate. The voluntary acknowledgment serves as a legal finding of paternity 60 days after each party signs it.

Parents who changed their minds and questioned paternity less than 60 days after signing the form must contact the Court, a state or county human services department, or a private lawyer to withdraw their name from the acknowledgment. This will trigger legal action to determine the paternity of the child.

What Is a Paternity Suit?

A paternity suit is a legal action taken to determine the legal father of the child. The following individuals and entities can file suit to establish paternity:

  • The mother who gave birth to the child;
  • The alleged father;
  • The child in question before he or she turns 21 years old; and
  • The Colorado Department of Human Services.

After establishing paternity, parents can ask the Court to address allocation of parental responsibilities-such as child support and parenting time-and parents’ other legal and financial responsibilities to their child.

Beginning a Paternity Case

If you want to establish paternity, we will help you initiate the legal process. We will file paperwork in the appropriate court.

The first step after filing is to serve the alleged father or the mother. Genetic testing may be required.

We will ensure that all of your forms and responses are properly filled out and promptly filed. We will also address any questions or concerns you have during this process.

Establishing Parental Responsibilities

After establishing paternity, the Court will issue orders as to support and allocation of parental responsibilities.

How Shapiro Family Law Can Help You

As part of our family law practice, Shapiro Family Law helps parents calculate monthly child support payments based on state guidelines. Additionally, we talk with parents about the importance of abiding by the Court’s child support order.

If changes take place in your life that reduce your ability to make child support payments, contact us as soon as possible. We can help you file a request to modify your child support agreement.

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