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If you believe a District Court’s final divorce decree was unfair or you found that a judge misapplied the law in your child custody case, you might have a right to appeal the decision. However, just because you disagree with the Court’s rulings does not mean you have legal grounds for appeal.

To know for sure whether you can appeal the Court’s rulings in your case, speak to a family law appeals lawyer in Denver. Shapiro Family Law provides strong legal representation and guidance to families throughout Colorado.

Our family law attorneys handle all aspects of this area of law, including divorce, child support, property division, and other domestic matters.

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An appeal focuses on the legal or factual error you assert the Court made that adversely affected the outcome of our case. We will review your case to determine whether you have legal grounds to appeal.

For instance, you may appeal if the Judge in your case misapplied the law or failed to consider specific evidence prior to issuing a ruling.

It is not unusual for either side in a family law case to want to appeal a final order concerning divorce, child support, parental responsibilities, or another issue. However, filing an appeal does not mean that you can present new evidence or hold a new trial.

An Appeals Court reviews your existing evidence and examines the final rulings of the Judge presiding over your case.

Preparing an Appeal in Your Family Law Case

Laura E. Shapiro, founder and principal of Shapiro Family Law, knows how to identify appealable issues and provide solid evidence to back up your claim. She has over 30 years of experience in family law and complex litigation and has handled many appeals of family law cases. Together with her legal team, she can prepare a strong appeals case and fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Starting the Family Law Appeals Process in Colorado

To appeal a Judge’s ruling, you must file a Notice of Appeal. Under state law, you have 49 days after a decision becomes final to file the notice. You must notify the Court and your former spouse of your intent to appeal.

The Notice of Intent will contain information like:

  • A brief summary of the nature of the case;
  • The District Court’s final orders that you want to appeal; and
  • What you want the Appeals Court to grant, such as a new hearing or trial in District Court.

The Court will also need to see any transcripts of a hearing or a trial that supports the original findings and contact information for all parties in the case.

Collecting Information and Preparing Your Case

If you decide to work with Shapiro Family Law, our attorneys will get to work on your case immediately. We begin by analyzing the issues then listing documents and other records that we plan to use in our appeal.

After this, we will construct our written arguments for your appeal. This is our opportunity to make a convincing case for why you deserve an appeal. We will lay out precisely what the Court of Appeals needs to do to fix your problem.

Our attorneys will conduct thorough research into your case to ensure we have the evidence we need to support your appeal. If the Judge in your original case made a mistake or did not correctly interpret the law, we will help you fight for a new outcome.

Arguing Your Case in Appeals Court

We may have an opportunity to argue your case in front of the Court of Appeals. To do this, we must file a motion requesting oral arguments, which the Court can either grant or deny.

After we file all of our briefs, transcripts, and other documents, and fulfill all of the other obligations, the other side has a chance to respond. We will keep you apprised of each stage of the appeals process.

The Importance of Meeting Deadlines

The Appeals Court has strict deadlines and important technical requirements for appealing cases. For instance, the Court may want a certain number of copies of a document, by a certain time, and formatted a certain way.

Our legal team will make sure we meet these requirements so that you do not lose your right to appeal your case.

Let Shapiro Family Law Help You Appeal Your Family Law Case.

Whether you want to begin an appeal or defend against your ex-spouse’s appeal, the Shapiro Family law legal team can offer strong representation. We have established a reputation for fairness and professionalism in Denver and throughout Colorado.

Call us today at 303-695-0200 to schedule a consultation with an attorney. We can review your case, discuss your options, and provide guidance regarding the probability of success.

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