Mediation: Simplifying and taking the stress out of your divorce

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The end of a marriage is a stressful time for Colorado couples, and for this reason, many work to find ways to make the legal process simpler and easier.

One of the ways that a couple can take some of the stress and complication out of this difficult process is by learning more about mediation.

Mediation is often required by Colorado courts, so it’s a good idea to ask your attorney to educate you on the process.

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How do you know if mediation will work for you?

Mediation is a way to resolve issues and complete the divorce process without litigation, but with your lawyer by your side. Not only is this easier, but it can also save time, money and a significant amount of stress.

This also allows you to have more control over the final resolution while still being represented by your attorney.

The Colorado mediation process involves a neutral third party who helps resolve conversations and negotiations between you and your spouse.

It’s a hands-on process that allows each of you to have more control over the terms of your divorce settlement.

The benefits of mediation for your divorce

There are many reasons why a mediated divorce helps divorcing Coloradans. Some of the benefits of this process include the following:

  • A mediated divorce takes less time than a contentious courtroom divorce.
  • It often costs less in the long run to complete a mediated divorce.
  • Mediation often results in better, stronger settlements, which decreases the chance of issues in the future.

Mediation offers you a better, more streamlined way to divorce. While it is never an easy process to end a marriage, this choice could be the right way for you to secure a strong post-divorce future.

Your future, your family, your decisions

No one knows your family as you do. Mediation keeps the details of your divorce in your hands and out of the hands of the court.

If you are facing the end of your marriage and wish to simplify the process, you will find it useful to explore how mediation could benefit your family.

From property division to child custody, there are many complex and difficult issues you must address to complete your divorce.

This is not an easy process, but the option for mediation could help you reach decisions that lay the groundwork for a positive, sustainable final settlement.

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