Why Is Mediation Important?

Many people are familiar with the concept of court cases being handled and a judge being present. But not all matters have to progress to court. Some family law and divorce matters are handled through the mediation process.

At Shapiro Family Law, our lawyers will take the time to explain to you just why mediation is important and how it may benefit you.

The importance of mediation cannot be overstated during your dissolution or post-decree proceeding. Virtually all counties now require parties to attend mediation at some point in both the pre-decree (your initial dissolution or child custody order) and post-decree (modifications of an existing order) proceedings.

Mediation is typically scheduled for either a half-day or full-day session with an experienced mediator. Since mediation is one of the best opportunities to reach an amicable settlement, it’s important that you select the right mediator.

Not all mediators are created equal, and we ensure that the mediator selected is the right person for your case and the issues presented.

What Happens During Mediation

  • During mediation, offers of settlement will remain confidential unless the terms are agreed to and signed by the parties.
  • The mediator is prohibited from testifying in your case and neither party may inform the court of settlement offers presented during mediation.
  • If we reach an agreement in mediation, we will typically draft a Memorandum of Understanding to memorialize the terms for submission to the court.
  • Once submitted to and approved by the court, your mediation agreement will become an order of the court.
  • Reaching an agreement in mediation is often preferable to a trial.
  • The anxiety and uncertainty that clients often face at a hearing can be avoided while realizing a positive outcome.

We Have The Experience You Need

Our office has significant experience in reaching successful resolutions at mediation. If you have any questions regarding the mediation process, please contact our office. Call an attorney at Shapiro Family Law at 303-695-0200 or contact us online. We serve clients in Denver and across the state of Colorado.

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