Gimmick wedding dates more likely to divorce

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Did you know that marriages occurring on Valentine’s Day or special number days like 12/13/14, etc. are more likely to fail than a wedding on any other random date?

Economists from the University of Melbourne published a report which indicates their study found weddings on date fads are five times more likely to crumble.

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Couples who married on Valentine’s Day were 11 percent more likely to divorce by the time they reached the five-year mark.

And, couples who married on a unique number date were 10 percent more likely to divorce by that same time as compared to 8 percent for couples who married on a regular date.

The divorce rate increases as couples reach their 9th anniversary.


The researchers suggest the couples’ characteristics are the culprit. The following are examples of character differences that cause the higher divorce rate risk:

  • People were more likely to have previously been married and have children
  • Couples are less alike overall with regard to education and age
  • Brides who marry on Valentine’s Day are more likely to be pregnant

The researchers also suggest that the date isn’t what specifically causes the higher risk. Instead, it is the choice in date that reveals something about the couple.

Other Risk Factors

While couples who get married on specific special dates seem to have higher divorce rates, the fact remains that 40-50 percent of all first marriages will fail and second marriages are 60 percent more likely.

Some of the risk factors include:

  • Getting married too young
  • Having less education (those who attended college have lower divorce rates)
  • A low income (those with an income over $50,000 are at lower risk)
  • Living together before marriage
  • Premarital childbirth
  • No religious or different religious affiliation
  • Insecurity

Common reasons for divorce

While the above highlights common characteristics that increase the risk for divorce, there are often other reasons cited for feeling unsatisfied with the marriage and why the divorce occurred.

Some of the reasons fall in line with the risk factors while others may not as directly.

  • Lack of commitment
  • Too many arguments
  • Infidelity
  • Marrying to young
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • No equality in the marriage
  • Lack of preparedness for marriage
  • Abuse

Regardless of the reason or risk factors, sometimes divorce is your best option to move forward with your life.

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