Protecting Your Fair Share of Investment Accounts

During divorce, the marital portion of investment accounts (including taxable accounts, tax-deferred accounts. tax-exempt accounts and annuities) must be identified and divided on an equitable basis or offset against other assets.

There are many complex aspects to this task, including issues involving tax issues such as basis, timing, anticipated future returns, and offsetting transfers of other assets. Without sound advice and vigorous representation during the divorce process, you may not obtain your fair share of your investment accounts.

At Shapiro Family Law in Denver, Colorado, we have extensive experience in property division matters, including the division of investments.

We provide aggressive, results-oriented representation during negotiation sessions and at trial, working diligently to protect our clients’ rights.

Dividing Investment Accounts

When representing you, Shapiro Family Law will address these and other issues:

Tax liabilities — With the increase of value of stock prices that has occurred over past few years, many investment accounts carry very significant capital gains liabilities if the basis is low. Any settlement you obtain must fairly allocate the unrealized capital gains tax consequences of your investments.

Marital portion of separate investment assets — Even if an investment account began with separate assets, the increase in value that occurred during the marriage is considered to be a marital asset. We will carefully review the facts and work diligently to protect your rights and interests.

Stock options — The value of a stock option may not be readily apparent. Our lawyers have the knowledge, experience and resources needed to address the value of stock options.

We regularly call upon experts such as tax accountants, financial advisers and actuaries who can provide insights and guidance in such matters.

At Shapiro Family Law, we place a priority on protecting the rights and property interests of our clients. You can be assured that we will do everything we can to obtain your fair share of your investment accounts, as well as all other forms of marital property.

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