Co-parenting successfully after divorce

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Co-parenting is not always easy, especially if a divorce has been contentious or if the parents’ styles of raising children are very different.

Fortunately, there are ways to successfully co-parent so that children get the happiest, healthiest experience possible.

Divorce can be stressful on everyone, but parents who work together make it easier for their children to succeed. To co-parent the right way, consider these tips.

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Have an open dialogue and stay positive

Talking isn’t easy, and staying positive when things are frustrating, exasperating, or just plain tough is even harder. But good co-parenting requires an outwardly positive attitude and strong communication skills.

Generally, things will get better with time, so keep at it and work together. You’re both learning as you go.

Agree on enforceable rules

The rules between households should be the same or very similar for all the big things, and those rules must be enforced by both parents.

By doing that, you’re reducing the chances of arguments and helping your children remember consistent rules in both locations. That makes it easier on everyone.

Keep the other parent updated

It can be hard to be in contact with someone you really don’t want to talk to, but co-parenting like a grown-up requires communication.

When you keep the other parent updated you do your part to improve the co-parenting relationship.

Let go of the guilt

It’s easy to feel guilty when there has been a divorce. The chances are high that there were things both parties could have done better.

Still, guilt isn’t a productive emotion and isn’t going to get you anywhere.

It’s better to let it go and put it behind you. Focus on what you can do now and in the future to make a great life for yourself and your children.

Laura E. Shapiro

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